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P H O T O G R A P H Y and the  P E R S O N behind it

Spyridoula started her photographer's career in London, UK, where she studied Photography at LCC (London College of Communication). She acquired experience in various fields of photography by working for In and Around Covent Garden magazine, assisting in different photo studios, getting involved with NUJ (National Union of Journalists), and doing stock photography for Getty Images and Alamy. Spy did also portrait shots of male models for Oxygen Model Agency, London.

Customers hire her on occasion to 'fix'/edit their wedding or holiday photos through Photoshop and to create photos albums that mark an occasion like retirement, the opening of a new business, the arrival of a new family member, etc.

Spy first studied Chemistry, obtaining a Master's degree from Imperial College London. That experience helped her appreciate hard work and encouraged her to build a strong work ethic.

She enjoys her work and likes adding a smile to her clients' faces through her photography. Her passion is Landscape photography and traveling. Spy lives in NYC where she works as an event and portrait photographer. She became a mom for the second time in 2015 and enjoys spending lots of time with her family.

You will find Spy these days anywhere in NYC and adjacent boroughs shooting passionately with her phone.

Spyridoula Della




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