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Why hire a professional photographer?

There are these times when you need something more polished and to save a memory of yourself with friends, family or just simply you enjoying yourself. As most of us these days can snap very good photos there is still the element of taking a successful picture of oneself from a non-selfie angle.

As technology advanced, our phones become a great instrument for taking pictures and capturing the world around us. I, myself, am a big fan of shooting with the phone as carrying big cameras around on your neck all day is not anyone's ideal way of enjoying themselves.

So where do the photographer's skills come in?

First and foremost proper lighting, at the University

we learnt how to light properly a subject and what type of light is more flattering. Also, which time of the day is better for us to shoot certain styles. Those of you who are painters would probably have this one covered as you are trained to think in shades and shadows all along.

Secondly, we have image retouching. Lots of people tend to overdo it and they end up destroying perfectly good photos they capture. When performed gracefully Photoshop gives you the freedom to enhance an image so that it looks its best. Artistic and creating explorations do not abide in this category, more like portraits, nature shots and anything that you would like to be realistically portrayed.

Lastly but not less, composition, composition, composition. As much as this trait is inherent in us, it can

also be taught. Yes, there are photographers rules made up since a long time ago, like the rule of thirds or the Fibonacci and my favourite negative space. Again in the University we covered all that and practised a lot in cropping a photo and editing a series of photos.

The latter one includes identifying similar trends in your photos while

putting them together in order to make a series of photos with the same


I hope you enjoyed this information and you will consider hiring a

professional photographer next time round.


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